A lot of cafes have started to pop up, this is because of the rising deman of coffee and a better place where people could do their work or to socialize. This rise of cafes also became a factor for the filing of bankrupcy  and addition to the wastes being contributed to the environment. Whether you own a cafe or plan to have one, resort to using materials that are eco-friendly, and here is how you can do it.

Turn to recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials

Plastics have made a huge impact on the environment. This has become problematic because of the process of making a product out of plastic, and tons of plastics have made their way through the ocean which greatly affected the lives of seacreatures wherein they could consume or get entagled by it.

With these facts, it would be best to resort to using materials and utensils that are made out of recycled materials, biodegradable, and that can be recycled again. Rather than using plastic spoons, forks, plates, and cups, resort to using ones that are made out of paper, especially for customers that want their orders to be on the go.

Extending outdoor

Extend your cafe in the outdoor. Have some canopies in this area to cater to your customers. Canopies are considered to be one of the best to use because you can have a replacement canopy covers if ever it is damaged which is cheaper. It is also easy to move so you can assemble and disassemble it whenever you open and close the store. This enables you to have more room for more customers, and save energy because you can consume less of the electricity by decreasing the air conditioning system or heat system that you have at the cafe.

Use energy efficient equipment

In order for your customers to be comfortabe during their stay at your cafe, they need to be all cozied up whether it is in the middle of the summer heat or the blizzarding cold of december. Air conditioning units and heat system can consume a lot of power, and the constant use of this can make your electric bill skyrocket. Use ones that already have an inverter installed onto them because these are very effective in terms of decreasing energy consumption while still performing in full capacity.

Having a cafe that is eco friendly is not also a way to contribute to the environment’s growing problem on climate change, but it also becomes a marketing strategy to your customer wherein they would most likely seek to go to cafes because of their advocacies and not just because of the good tasting coffee.