We host multiple parties each year. Some of which include birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, and baptism. Indeed, parties are a celebration of life and love which is attended by close friends and relatives.Although parties are enjoyable, most of the time, we produce a pile of garbage. This includes plastic wears, food items, gift wrappers, and non-degradable decorations. Each year, we can have tons of garbage scattered which is bad for the environment.

As such, check out the resources below to find out some of the tips on how to be eco-friendly during parties:

Switch from Plastic to Paper

During parties, it is best to switch from the use of plastic to paper. For example, avoid using plastic cups and plates. For home parties, you can use the ceramic, porcelain, and any other dinnerware that you have inside your home.Don’t put the food inside the Styrofoam. Instead, try to have it in paper plates to save the environment.

Put the party favors in bags like from the paper bags Singapore. With this, you can save money, make the guest happy, and protect nature.

Skip the Straw

Skip the straw in the serving the drinks. Instead, use glasses in giving refreshment for the guests. Straws continue to pollute the environment and affect marine animals.By a simple act of not using the straw for parties, you already protect nature and sustain it for future the future generation.


Go Handmade

In giving gifts, you can switch to the use of handmade products versus plastics. Go for recycled home decors, bags, and handmade paintings. Also, make sure to use paper wrappers instead of plastic wrappers. Nowadays, there are different stylish and colorful paper wrappers that are available in the market. This makes your gifts as awesome as you want it to be.

With these simple steps, you help the local entrepreneurs and at the same time, help diminish the trash in the surroundings.

Recyclable Decors

Finally, make sure to use recyclable decors during parties. In organizing celebrations inside your home, opt for the use of natural flowers and plants. This makes your place cool and refreshing to the eyes.Also, put out your handmade crafts like paper lanterns, chains, and origami. Skip the use of balloons because this only adds to the tons of trash in the environment.

In sum, there are various ways of making the parties eco-friendly. With this, you promote good attitude towards the environment especially to your guests and family members.

The use of paper and other recyclable materials during events are simple steps in protecting Mother Earth. But if everyone will do this, it can be a major leap onwards change.