Spending the first few days with your newborn is a wonderful experience. You get to feed, bathe and care for your baby the best way you can. But for working moms, time will come that your maternity leave is up and you have to go back to work. Some moms are lucky to work on flexible hours. However, there are others who have to spend 8 hours and even more on their regular job.

No matter what your work schedule is, hiring a trusted nanny or babysitter is the best way to be sure that your baby is well taken care of even if you’re away. Singaporean moms are lucky to have plenty of trustworthy babysitters available in their locale. Babysitting services Singapore can range from a few hours to whole day depending on your schedule. If it’s your first time to hire a babysitter, below are a few things to consider.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t settle for less when it comes to picking a babysitter for your child. Screen applicants thoroughly. You can also spread the word to your friends or relatives so they can recommend a tried and tested nanny. You can also find babysitters on online nanny listings.

Maintain Employee-Employer Relationship

You and your little one might get drawn immediately to your babysitter especially when they’re good. However, you have to keep in mind that your nanny is your employee. This helps you focus on some attributes that you want in a babysitter such as honesty, dependability, etc.

Interview Them

Conduct and interview with your prospective nanny. Ask about her past experiences and the age of kids she prefer to look after. Inquire about other skills she has aside from basic baby care such as singing, dancing or playing with the kids. Other parents prefer nannies that have basic knowledge in CPR for emergency purposes.

Ask Around

Ask the previous moms who hired your nanny. Inquire about her personality and whether they like the quality of her service.

Clearly State Your Requirements

Clearly state your expectations and requirements so she knows what needs to be done. You can list it down and let the babysitter sign it to be more legal. Also, don’t forget to state your child’s needs and how to meet them.

Choosing a babysitter need not be stressful. In fact, they are there to help us care for our children while we juggle the daily struggles of life.