We always want a weekend trip with the family or with the gang just so we could bond with each other or have a really good time with them. Whether you go to the lake, the beach, or even just at someone else’s house for a barbeque party, there are things that you have to bring along with you that are essential in any trip.


For outdoor outings, the sun’s rays will always be there to heat things up, literally! Or even during the wet season, rainfalls are always bound to happen which is why it’s always good to have you and others to be proceted against these elements. Canopies are essential things that you should be carrying along with you because they are not that heavy and can easily be folded so you could put it in your car. If there are damages to it, specifically its tops then you could always have a replacement canopy tops so you won’t have to patch it up or have another one.


Iceboxes are not just for ice, it functions more than that. It keeps your food and/or drinks chilled, store in your raw meats and fishes, and you could even put the your wet clothes in it so you won’t have to make use of a plastic bag.

Portable gas stove

Instead of having an already cook food or buy some takeouts, you can cook the food at the place where you are headed to! These portable gas stoves are easy to carry with and do not take up so much space in the trunk because they only need small tin cans of butane gas for it to work. So you could have freshly hot food on the table.

Folding tables and chairs

Foldable tables and chairs have been around for a century now, yet they still remain relevant and can still be seen being used by a lot of people because of the convenience that these things provide. These are great for trips because sometimes there are places that you don’t get to sit on a chair and have a table to place your food and drinks on,. I mean if you are heading out to the lake, then most likely you won’t find any of those there and find yourself sitting on a piece of rock with a makeshift table out of drift woods. You can easily bring them with you because they are lighweight and foldable so it won’t take too much room in your trunk.

Trips are best made when you have all the necessary things that you need, and having these provides ease and comfort to wherever you are going and whenever you want. Thus, you are enabling yourself to enjoy the weekend trip with everyone else.