Carpet grass are made out of artificial grass. It has become a very fast selling product due to various reasons. We all want to have a little garden of our own, regardless of where we live. Now, for those with huge homes and mansions, this is not an issue. But for those who live in apartments, small houses, finding the space to have our dream garden is almost impossible. Fortunately, we’ve been introduced to this amazing product. There are so many reasons as to why carpet grass is in such a high demand.

Low water bills


One huge issue that we all have to face when having a gardening, big or small, is the increasing water bills. Spending a large amount of water on just grass doesn’t sound very smart, now does it? Well, water is a limited and an expensive resource. So, rather than crying at the water bill at the end of every month, why don’t we opt for something better, something that doesn’t require at all. Well, that something is the carpet grass singapore. They don’t require any water, unless, of course, if it gets dirty and you have to clean it. But, since that is nit everyday you will be saving a lot on your water bill.


Green every day


Another thing about having real grass is that during certain times of the year, when seasonal changes hit they will dry out and become brownish. It is , definitely, not a sight for sore eyes. In order to maintain that green you will have to put so much effort, time and money. It is definitely not easy. But, opting for carpet grass means that you will have that greenery, lush look everyday, throughout the year. They are not afraid of seasonal variations and nothing can hit them.



We all know that natural grass attracts A LOT of insects, bugs, pesticides and so much more. When these little creatures spread they are harmful to our family, pets and our gorgeous plants and trees. In order to stop them from spreading we opt for pesticides and various fertilizer. These are quite harmful too. That is why opting for carpet grass means no bugs, insects and whatsoever and no pesticides, fertilizers and all. You will be protecting your family, plants, trees and also, you will be saving money.


These are just a few simple benefits that makes carpet grass so much better. Today, many homeowners tend to opt for this specific type of grass simply due to the easiness and low maintenance. Carpet grass barely seeks attention.