There are so many products that are being introduced to ‘keep your skin moisturized’, ‘lighten your skin tone’, ‘remove scars, acne, blackheads and whiteheads’ and for various other reasons. Now some of these products might work but lets all agree, they are not so good for our health. Many of these products use harmful chemicals. So, even if your skin “lightens up” when using such products once you stop it there is a higher chance that your skin might get worse. So, why opt for such harmful products when you have different forms of natural oils and so. One such oil is the rosehip oil. You may have heard of olive oil, argon oil, coconut oil and so, but what about the rosehip oil? Well, not to woory, we are here to drop all the deets about this specific oil.


Dry skin is one common condition. People who suffer from dry skin know how annoying it is to have scaly skin that looks dead. So, what most people do is to opt for creams that simply say “Moisturizing Lotion”. This is not a very good idea. These creams might soothe you once you apply but after a while your skin will feel dryer. You will have to keep on re applying for a few times per day. The rosehip oil on the other hand contains free fatty acids that help keep the skin moisturized. The best part is that once you start using it regularly your skin will be less dry.

Anti aging

Another issue that every woman has to face is aging. When you grow older wrinkles will appear. You must love your imperfections but if you feel uncomfortable it is not wrong to look for treatments. But, rather than opting for harmful chemicals use a natural oil. Rosehip is one oil that has a high level of vitamin C. This help reduce wrinkles while repairing UV damage. Not only that, other ingredients like Vitamin A which is included in this specific oil will help you gain a more bright and even complexion. So, get your rosehip oil singapore ASAP.

May promote healing

We all have scars. But, for most of us these scars are caused either because of shaving using razors and so or because of itching due to dry skin. But, certain researches have shown that this specific oil helps get rid of such scars. So, dab dab dab that oil! Rosehip oil is a great way to promote your skin’s health. After all, you can simply avoid chemicals when you adopt to this specific oil.