Many immigrants choose Australia to settle into. The country boasts great opportunities and offers a more systematic way of immigration policies and requirements making it easier for foreign migrants to move in.

There are different visa types when travelling to this country. These are visitor visa, temporary visa, student visa, work visa, business visa and permanent entry visa. Most migrants choose the permanent one since it’s more convenient and offers lots of benefits. If you’re aiming to settle permanently in this country, you should apply for the latter type. Here are the requirements for permanent residency to Australia from India and how to complete them.

How Do I Apply For A Permanent Entry Visa?

Since there a lots of Indian societies in this country, many Indian citizens are attracted to explore the vast opportunities offered there. Aspiring immigrants somehow feel a sense of security in going there knowing they are lots of people with the same cultural background as them.

What Is The Subclass 457 Visa?

Indian immigrants usually choose subclass 457 visas to enter Australia. It is an employer sponsored visa which allows you to settle and work in the country for a maximum of 4 years. It is primarily a temporary visa but its process is quicker than the other types. Before you can secure one, you have to find an Australian employment offer so they could sponsor your visa. After living and working for a few years, you have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to become a permanent resident.

How Do I Convert My 457 Visa Into PR Visa?

There are some options if you’re planning to upgrade your 457 visa into PR.

  • General Skilled Migration Programme – This converts your 457 visa into subclass 189 and 190. However, you need to pass the points system before you can apply through this method.
  • State Sponsorship Scheme – After working in a certain state for at least 2 years, your state can nominate you for PR recommendation. Being nominated gives you additional points and faster processing time.
  • Partner Migration – If you found your life partner during your temporary stay, the state can grant you PR visa. All you need is a genuine marriage with an Australian citizen for at least 12 months before being considered. If after 2 years you are still together, you will be granted a PR visa.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme – This is the most common among skilled 457 visa holders. Your employer will be the sponsor in nominating you to be a permanent resident in the state.

No matter which method you choose, they all lead to one goal. If you’re not sure which suits your situation, you can always seek advice from professional immigration consultants.