E commerce is not a novelty anymore. Not only in developed countries, but also in developing countries people tend to buy things more and more via websites, which is known as e-commerce. Its sales across the world, in retail sector, were 2290 billion USD in the past year and it is expected to increase to 2774 billion USD per year, in the years to come, according to a study done by Statista. Global sales via e-commerce are forecasted to have a 20% growth which is a huge number compared to any other sector.

Why e-commerce

Buying via the web is easy as easy can get. One just has to visit the relevant site and browse through the offering from home itself, or in commute or literally from anywhere with an internet connection. Further advantages include the ease of sorting, for example, if you want to buy a dress for an office party, and if it has to be black, you just have to tick the right boxes and sort price wise to see the least expensive dress. Of course, if you would rather sort them via any other means, such as newest to oldest, or in alphabetical order of the designer name, it is possible. Measurements will let you have an idea about the size of the dress and once you decide on one, it is just a matter of paying and checking out; the product will arrive at your doorstep in no time. Even though there were concerns on safety of payments, it is no more so. There are many ways and means security in payments is guaranteed.

What sort of a presence you should have

If you are a vendor in the market, by now you must have realized that a web presence is of greatest importance. However, just a web site is not sufficient; if you are going ahead with an e-commerce site, make sure it suits all sorts of devices that people are using increasingly. Sales through mobiles have reached a staggering 70%; this includes mobile phones, tabs and many other such devices. So unless you choose the right responsive webdesign agency Singapore, you will be lost in the immense web traffic that is threatening your existence in the World Wide Web.

New facets

Visual searching is one method to involve people and increase the customer base. As of now companies like Pinterest have activated this. Another factor is digital influencers; if a popular person or even a normal individual “leads the way” in a platform such as Instagram about a certain product or a brand, other people who are following them gets affected by that; they can make a buying decision purely on the ideas and opinions of that respective person. Companies now harvest this trend by hiring those influencers, it is a relatively inexpensive method of marketing compared to high costs of using print or mass media like TV or radio.

Formulating your business plans to suit today’s needs and demands is important. The market place is a jungle and if you do not shine the right way, there is more and more chance to get lost.