Although the time may heal for most of us, there are some medical conditions that would keep getting worse and worse, until your painful screams are clouding the agony. In the end of the day, most of the conditions that we suffer from are not really a fault of ours.

But then again, since it is our body, it is essential that we take care of it. In a background like this, the attention that sciatica ache wins is high. How are you going to do a quick diagnosis on your own?

Sciatica is a nerve; not just an ordinary nerve but the longest in the body that runs from all the way from the lower back, via the buttocks along the legs to the knees. Often, this condition is mistaken for backpain since the aching tends to originate from the same location for both the locations; but if you are feeling it go all the way down to your knee whenever your sciatica nerve is irritated, you know that it is what it is. But what are the risk factors?

Risk factors in the medical context are the factors that makes a person more vulnerable to a disease; if you feel like you have them, then there is no wonder that you have ended up with the condition. This is the list that can be defined as the risk factors for this condition;

  • The age between 30 and 40
  • Following a lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting
  • Professionals that lift heavy load almost all the time

On the flip side you should be aware of the typical causes as well. Because being just vulnerable isn’t enough; you should have enough reasons for you to end up with eth condition as well. The below list is all about the typical causes of this pain;

  1. Herniated disks
  2. Tumors that are inside the spine
  3. Spondylolisthesis
  4. Lumbar spinal stenosis

In the final section, we will be talking about the sciatica pain treatment singapore. Since this is more of a neurological condition, the physical cuts and such surgical approaches tend to be least. When you happen to come across a clinic that is focused on pain reduction, you would have the opportunity to get it fixed in the best way. However, for a better result, it is essential that you go for consulting specialist for the recovery.

No one deserves to live with pain; if you can get it fixed, that’s exactly what you should do this year.