Is it feeling more and more like you are having a really tough time trying to manage your website? Well, there are many cases where this happens and people just let go of or abandon the site entirely down the line. However there are many reasons why a site may begin to feel like it is a lot of work or a lot of money to look after. Most of the time, the mistakes that we make will decide how long or short the lifespan of our websites are. Here are some of the mistakes that make websites hard to manage.

You Have High Costs When Running the Site

If you are a small business or especially a start-up, you will want to cut down your costs as much as possible until the business has grown wings big enough to fly solo.  Part of this is spending on responsive and cheap websites that will look good, work well and get the job done without you having to spend an arm and a leg on it. If you look at the many services that are available today, there are many varieties and options that you can choose from according to the dimensions of your budget. So make sure that you choose the right one and do not go off your budget as in the long run it will be unrealistic to sustain that level of expenditure.

Not Knowing the Purpose

There are so many cases out there where websites have been built because ‘somebody told somebody to build one’ without even letting them know or having an idea about what the website should achieve once it has been built. The idea here is that every business needs a website and yes, that is true. But what is the point of having a site if you don’t know why you have it? You can build something that is really simple yes, but then what is the reason for having this? Are you hoping to actually achieve customer engagement by having a site that is simply one page and publishes some static information alone? Companies should focus on starting their website designing project by looking for the ways in which they can offer their customers true value on the site.

Designing VPS on Your Own

If your company is very highly internally focused you will be looking at a homepage that has chunks of text about the company vision and mission and the face of the CEO. All of this can actually go on the ‘About Us’ page and not o the landing page. Your company may be the centre of the universe for you but not for your customers. They go on to your homepage which is your landing page and see text, pictures of a corporate looking bloke, more text and they bounce. The site should only and only be designed with the needs of the customer in mind and not what your company feels is the best way to highlight their importance. The trick is to have a site that the audience will love and your top executives have nothing to do with.