The infusion of creativity and technology has revolutionized both concepts. The entire concept itself is inspiring and definitely aweing.

Slideshows and cool graphics on any website naturally make it more attractive and more appealing. People love anything that attracts them, so does website design. There are different kinds of web designs used, let’s go through some of them.

  • Broken Grid Layouts

This kind allows images and text elements to wander into and across the gutters that usually serve as hard stops in more restrained layouts. The usual and discreet boxes of images and text begin to overlap and mingle, often creating awfully unexpected and beautiful proximities of bitmap and letterform.

  • Illustrations in the Centre

Illustrations are capable of bringing abstract concepts to vivid life. It also allows you to resolve some of the representational challenges set by photography. The work of illustrators is gaining more market and is in more demand. Ordinary people can relate to the abstract illustrations as they desire, making it more intriguing.

  • Brutalism

Website that adopts the brutalist design is raw, and its main focus is the content, and the main priority is the user. So every single detail of the website addresses the main 3 focuses, rawness, content and the user. Like the name suggest, the website is pretty brutal and only does what it has to.

  • Organic and Oblique Shapes

The most common card based UI’s ere right angled with the right sharp edges and corners, but today no edge is the edge. It’s quite fascinating and refreshing, a simple twist to the traditional method. It is also user friendly, it accessed by everyone, both disabled and abled.

  • Persuasive interactions and animations

The persuasive design tool box is designed using basic knowledge of psychology. Persuasion must be channeled professionally, enhancing user experience. It is mesmerizing how animations keep sliding up and down the page heightening the user experience. Each piece of content must scream for user attention.

  • Unexpected Scrolling Rates.

Parallax may be old school, but scrolling has always been fascinating and always will be. Many websites content scroll at a faster rate providing a very windy feeling.  Page transitions do the trick too, a more trendy method of scrolling. It includes viewing different pages within the same library without the need to actually go to a different web page.

  • Maximalism

The design trends have always revolved around minimalism, it’s time to break the ice. Maximalism is the complete opposite of minimalism. It includes of nothing and everything. Bold headline, Dramatic colors and statements, pop up graphics and a variety of shapes round up this concept.

These are just some of the styles invented and available, there are many, many more to go. You can either follow up or make your own.