Yes indeed, surprise birthday parties are quite fun and exciting! The process of planning a party is sometimes even more exciting than the party itself! If you are planning to throw a surprise party for your child, you will surely be able to look forward to many weeks of gleeful planning and organizing. The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you as you plan a delightful surprise birthday party for your beloved child.

Choose the date

You can have the party on your child’s birthday or opt to have it on a Saturday, in order to make it convenient for everyone to visit. The decision is solely yours. Of course, your child will be more excited if the party is held in his/ her birthday! Try and speak to those who you are planning to invite and see if most of them will be able to make it if the party is held on a weekday.

Pick the theme

You can look for ideas and inspiration on websites like Pinterest and Instagram when you are deciding on the theme for your child’s party. You can pick fairytale themes if you like or opt to have themes like unicorn, ballerina, Noah’s Ark, farm animals and the like. Make sure your child will like the theme that you pick. You will have to choose the decorative elements according to the theme that you have picked too. Try to plan early because that will give you time to think and be creative. If you decide to buy items online, you will have to place orders well in advance, keeping in mind that deliveries can often take several weeks to arrive.

Decide on the refreshments

The refreshments that you serve on the day can really change the manner in which the party unfolds!

Do try to order from reputed places as the quality of the food that you serve shapes the quality of your event. Look for the best food catering services Singapore has if you are planning to have the party in that country. Get the help of the staff of the catering service to plan the menu for the day too.

Invite your child’s friends

You have to make sure that you invite all the right people to the party! You will not be able to talk to the child and get to know about the people that he/ she wishes to invite too! So try to listen to the child as he talks about his friends and find out about the people that he likes best. You will have to keep all those you invite aware of the fact that the party is a surprise one!

Hope you throw a superb party that will fill your child’s heart with wonder and delight!