You may believe in rebirth or you may not. But one thing is guaranteed: You will never get to enjoy this life that you are living, all over again! So make each moment count and live your life grandly!

Love yourself

If you don’t love yourself you will never be able to love another. This is a simple truth that we often forget. We tell ourselves that we are not pretty enough, slim enough, smart enough or strong enough to become what we want to be. Stop doing that to yourself and start loving yourself. Love all your flaws too and take pride in your full being. This is not to say you stop trying to improve yourself. No, you must try to improve yourself because you love yourself and because you want to become an even better version of your current self. Not because you think there is something inherently wrong with you.

Spend money wisely

Money certainly is the root of all evil. It also can be the root of most of your problems in life. Try to spend on the things that you want and like without depriving yourself of all the pleasures of life. Yes you need to save, but you also have to spend. If you never spend money on yourself, you will hate spending money on others. Besides what is the point of earning if you are saving all that for your own funeral service? Understand where to draw the line too because overspending can certainly make you miserable and you know it.

Choose your attitude of the day

You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be sad. If you don’t have the right mindset, even the best of days will seem terrible to you. So opt to be happy and positive no matter what anyone says. It will make you feel lighter in spirit and will certainly give happiness to those who are around you too. Choose to use positive energy instead of negative energy. Instead of complaining, be thankful. Instead of grumbling be grateful. This conversation that you have with others first begins in your own head, so organize your thoughts well. Banish the negative feelings of unnecessary stress and worry and replace them with hope and joy.

Seek balance

If you manage to find balance in life you will truly be happy. Find a job that lets you enjoy your life well. Find a job that also pays you well so that you can find balance between earning and spending.  If you work hard, play hard too. If you like to play hard, make sure you work hard too!

Most of the outcomes of your life are results of your own decisions so practice the art of making right decisions!