When decorating your living room your main goal would be to create a beautiful and elegant space. That is because this would be the most viewed space in the house. Therefore we understand that you want to beautify it. Thus, that is why many think it would be impossible to feng shui their living room. They think it would be impossible to make this space both beautiful and fill it with happy energy. But it is not an impossible task. If you have a plan in place then it would be easy to complete this project.

De-Clutter This Space

Any online feng shui consulting Singapore would be able to tell you that your first step should be to de-clutter this space. That is because when space is filled with unwanted items there is no space for good energy to exit. Therefore make sure to remove any unwanted items from this space. The rest should be placed according to a proper system. This would not only look neat. But it would also make it considerably easier for you to find various items.  We understand that some people claim that they cannot maintain a minimalistic space when they have children. Well, that is not what we are advising you to do. Instead, we are advising you to have an organizing system. This is something that you can do irrespective of whether you have children or not.

Fresh Air

One of the biggest enemies of feng shui principles would be stale air. This normally happens when homeowners keep all their doors and windows closed. Then the same air would keep circulating through the house. This is a problem that can be easily solved. All you need to do is open the windows as often as possible. Then it would be possible to maintain a continuous airflow in your living room. This would not only energize the room. But it would also be good for your health.

Maximize Natural Light

Poor lighting is another issue that many of us face. Many think that the solution to this problem would be to install more overhead lighting fixtures. But that is not the solution. Instead what you need to do is try to maximize the amount of natural light that you are receiving. Again the way to do this would be by keeping your windows opened. If you have heavy drapes covering the windows you can try to replace them with something sheerer.

As you can see embracing feng shui principles into your living room is an achievable task. All you need to do is follow these guidelines and have a plan in place.