We all know how terribly our actions as the human race have impacted our precious plant. Incidents relating to global warming as well as the extinction of many species of wildlife create headlines at an alarming rate nowadays. In this context, we as individuals certainly must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We must all aim to start small, from our own homes and soon big changes will start taking place. The article below gives some tips that will help you save the planet in a small, but impactful way.

Stop Littering the Road

You need to cultivate the habit of using trash cans. If you cannot find a proper trash can when you need to throw something, do the right thing, put it in your bag and wait till you find a proper trash can and dispose of your garbage responsibly. Even a candy wrapper can make someone’s lane look ugly. No matter how big or small the item that you have to throw is, dispose of it in the right way and teach your children to do so too.

Sort Your Garbage

If you can sort the garbage that gets accumulated in your house you will find it easier to figure out what to do with it all. Try to have separate cans for no degradable items like plastic and another one for food scraps. Yes it will add quite a lot of extra work to your schedule but do it anyway because our planet deserves it. Once you get into the habit it will come naturally to you so try practicing it. When your children also see you doing what you can in a small way to save our planet, they will also grow up to be responsible individuals.

Make Compost

If you use Council bin liners for the trash can that collects food scraps, you will be able to compost all of it together!  You can opt to send the bag to an industrial composting facility this way. You can also collect your food scraps and make a compost pile at home. You will be able to fertilize your plants well and keep your garden flourishing if you do this!


When you sort through the items that you decide to throw away, if you find usable clothes or toys, do consider donating it to charity. Especially plastic toys and plate sets need to be donated if they can be reused by someone else. Make sure the items that you give away are of good quality because it will be insulting to the receiver if you donate what could be more accurately described as ‘trash’!

Do your part and contribute to the global campaign of protecting our precious environment because this beautiful planet is indeed our home.