In the world where everyone is competing with one another, where violence and famine are spreading like wildfire, where everyone is constantly fighting for his or her lives, what we need is a person who values life, who value humanity, who spreads hope. What we need is a humanitarian.

What are the qualities that a humanitarian possess?

  1. Goal – Oriented

He or she should have the ability to lay out short and long term goals, goals that are for the betterment of the lives of people. And also being able to take actions to meet and achieve the set goals.

  1. Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are needed. He or she should not be able to talk but also listens. They should listen to the people of the community about the problems they’re encountering, by that, they’ll be able to figure out the best solution to the problem. They also need to have the ability to speak and communicate to the people to be able to advise them the things they need to contribute to help their community.

  1. Decisive

He or she should have the ability to make good decisions even under pressure.

  1. Responsible Professionalism

Aid workers should have the ability to handle the task and responsibilities assigned to them and capable of opening opportunities and professional development to others. In an organization, if you want to discuss great solutions to aid and restore humanity, you will need professional individuals and not an amateur. One great example of a good humanitarian is desmond teo yen koon He is a successful businessman who wanted to give back to society by deciding to sell his business and come back to Singapore to open a company that allows him to share his experience and expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs who also have dreams and aspirations like him.

  1. Result Driven

Humanitarians are not only goal oriented but also aims to achieve results. Good intentions will not work alone. You need to have exerted effort and initiative to have your desired results.

  1. Open-minded

We are in the 21st century, so good aid workers should be open to complex ideas needed to solve complex problems.

  1. Adaptive

He or she should be flexible. He/she should adapt to changing and unique situations. You n be capable of standing and facing complex situations.

  1. Ability to handle stress

Being an aid worker is not easy. Humanitarian missions and works can last for days. He/she should be able to deal with stress and have the ability to stay calm, focused and stable even under pressure.

  1. Great Facilitator

He or she should be able to be the handle suggestions from the community on how to solve problems in their own perception.

  1. Coordinated

He or she should be able to create a solid team to achieve results and met the set goals.

Before you plan to take this profession, be sure that you have the qualities that an aid taker should possess. Being a humanitarian is not just about good intentions, it’s about the work and efforts to be exerted to be one.