When it comes to some things kids got no clue about. Then there are things they have an option about, strong ones! Like how they want their bed room to be. All this fuss is cute until you ‘ve heard a million times that he cannot sleep in his batman pyjamas on a spider man themed bed or that you got the wrong kind of covers on his again… spider man bed..


On the other hand you can relate because you know that at one point of your life you were just like that too, so be a good sport and play along.

If we are able to create a safe and comfortable environment for our little ones right at home I’m sure there are destined to thrive , most time spent home is in their bedroom and it plays a vital part in what they take interest in , if you take the effort to introduce a book shelf that will hold material to all the subjects that he is interested in ,irrespective of whether it relates to his academics or not it will inculcate the habit of reading in him and I can only see good things come out of that exercise.

Why you choose specific items to be included in their bedroom should complement their personality. If he is a friendly and entertaining chap who constantly has friends over a bed with a pull out bed and a little extra storage would be a great investment which will also save you the trouble of setting up the sofa for friends to sleep over. Not only the bed but all items included in the bedroom can have a purpose apart from its functionality such as being the source of introducing healthy habits and inculcating a sense of responsibility and accountability at a young age. A nice shoe rack to remind him to put away the shoes and a cute hamper that will remind him that soiled clothes go into the bin. There are many ways we can influence our kids and ‘’by example’’ is the best and most effective way. kids furniture Singapore has many varieties of furniture that will not only fit in your budget but work with the space you have to make that special corner in the house extra special magic for him to create beautiful memories for the years to come.

A nice bed room won’t work miracles on its own. I’m not trying to sell some crazy dream, in a worst case scenario it will bring in a smile in his sweet face, and is that not a prize in itself?