What comes to your mind when someone asks you to get ready for a bumpy ride? Probably a journey in to the wild or to some undeveloped area in a truck of a vehicle which is very uncomfortable. However, it doesn’t have to be; a desert safari is the bumpiest ride you will ever have and it is a popular vacation excursion in the world.

The desert safari

Although origins are not clear, desert safaris are popular pastimes of every tourist who visits the United Arab Emirates UAE or popularly known as Dubai, even though Dubai is only a city or an “emirate” in the country. You can visit any emirate in the country and book a safari in the desert with a certified provider. They usually use 4*4 SUVs and other big trucks for the trip. What is best about this is that only 5 or maximum 6 people will be in one vehicle as the space is limited and you can enjoy a private trip with no hindrances. Of course if there are more people, you can hire more vehicles.

How it works

You will be picked up at the luxury five star hotel UAE where you are staying. That is another advantage of this trip as they will come to you than you going to them. Due to the harsh weather patterns of the area, it has to be either early morning or late evening. However, given the traffic conditions and other issues, you may have to be ready by afternoon such as 1 or 2 pm. Remember to take a light lunch as there will be a lot of bumping around! Once you are picked, you will travel for about an hour or so, depending on where your hotel was situated. If it is only one of you or you and your partner, expect a few more people to join you from other hotels. Most truck derivers are well verse in English and you can ask them about the desert, the trip and whatever else you want to know.

Thrilling experience

If you have been on a safari, the wild sort of one, you may have experienced a thrill when unexpectedly a ferocious wild animal comes in front of you. But a desert safari is a thrill from the top to the end. The driver, especially if he is a well-practiced one, will drive on top of tall sand dunes and when coming down you will feel the adrenalin rush same as in a roller coaster. There are ample steps taken for your safety both within the vehicle and prior to you starting the journey so there is no need to worry. During the trip you will also see camels in a camel farm. Some tour operators allow for a camel ride as well. The day ends in a traditional campfire with dinner and dancing.

Are you interested? Try a desert safari today!