The world today lives in, what has often been called as the global village. This is simply because it is now easier than ever before to connect and do business with anyone, even if they are on the other side of the planet. This is all thanks to the internet and the new age digital boom. Companies invest heavily in making sure that they too have a strong digital presence. This digital presence can very definitely be the difference between being successful and having to close down. Having a digital presence is not even solely for business that can do trade online. Even if the only way to buy your product is to physically visit the shop outlet, your business can still suffer greatly if you don’t have a strong positive digital presence.

So what is a Digital Presence. This means that the company is accessible via the internet. There are many avenues through which this can be achieved. The most common are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and websites. Of those four, having an account for the first three methods is actually primarily free. Many small companies in fact manage to maintain a strong digital presence simply by maintaining at least one of the first two. The main reason for this is that Facebook and Instagram can be very good visual mediums for a digital presence and of the two Instagram is almost purely visual. What this means to a business is that they are now able to show to the world what they have and who they are without spending very much or no money at all.

If you want to push your digital presence to the maximum possible level, then a website is a must. This gives you the freedom to share whatever you want however you want. You can also enlist the help of some web design company who will make you a great professional website at very competitive prices.

You can of course choose not to give your business a digital presence. Among most of the common arguments against are “I don’t know how”, “I managed fine before, I can manage now” and the irrational “what if I get hacked”. These are some of the loudest arguments against having a digital presence. But there is one very, very significant problem with it. You may not have a choice. With millennial’s love for posting everything on the internet, you may have a digital presence, and there is no way you can stop them. Further, the trend now is that once people visit a place they will quite often want to give their feedback.

This means there can be some good and some bad comments about your business and you are not in control of either. This then leads to people being able to say anything about you without any check and others reading this will assume the comments are correct and justified as there may not be any opposition to those comments.

Therefore, it is very important to remember and maintain a good digital presence. Even if you want to keep it low key, have some presence because no presence is always bad presence.