It is not easy when you must convince someone to adopt to a new approach. For instance, when it is something related to the general societal practice that could make a positive change for the betterment of the organization, the task is difficult. With the great emphasize of being environmentally friendly and reducing the use of paper [which is produced by cutting down trees] because of the sustainability goals. Most organizations, institutions and societies try their best to use electronic media to transfer their information from one person to another thereby reducing the waste and increasing the use of electronic media.

Convincing the parents

When running a school, you will have many stakeholders involved. Each of these groups of stakeholders will pose an interest in whatever the school that their child attends to takes and a decision. For instance, with the influence of these sustainability goals, if you decide to provide electronic forms instead of printing out the newsletters and mailing them to their homes, there will be a special attention brought on to you by the parents. You will need to consider their view point and understand to see if they have an opinion on the decision. There may be some people who may pose a restriction since they do not like the approach, others may resist it because they do not have the necessary technical knowledge on how to operate digital devices while there may be some who will act as drivers of the change and support your decision right through out. Therefore, you should take measures to educate the parents and telling them the importance of moving into a digitalized form of transferring messages and connecting with each other.

The technical know-how

The next thing that you will need to consider once you got the support from the parents, is the method of transforming the newsletters into digital formats. If you have absolutely no knowledge on this, you could easily approach an expert in the field who could give you the necessary knowledge on the best approach to start. You could visit a reliable expert in your area for the ease of convenience. For instance, if you are residing in Singapore, you could get the assistance form the best expert who could give you tips on converting a word file in to a pdf eform Singapore could offer.

Overall, when running a school, it is not easy to adapt into a new change approach since there are many stakeholders involved. Therefore, it is important to prioritize the main stakeholders and address their needs before going ahead with the procedures.