When you walk down the aisle on your big day, with the excitement and nervousness bombarding you like a swarm of bees, the only thing you hold on to, for your dear life is a bunch of beautiful flowers, a floral adornment that’s significant for a new beginning. Oh and importantly you need them at the end of the day to make sure its flying in the air like the pancake that never came back down the last time you flipped thinking you were a pro at it. A Bouquet is significant for a touch of tradition but why not with a twisted style and settle with flowers that scream your personality or are in extremely bright colours? Read below for a guide to choosing the right clutch of flowers.

Fits in With The Environment.

As rebellious as you want to be, you still can’t be having your wedding at beachwith a rose themed decoration and hold a few orchid blooms when you walk the aisle. Get realistic and give a touch of your venue and theme and also your dress to your bouquet. If your dress is too frilly or too sophisticated, get your flowers simple. But if your gown’s more towards plain with a few intricate designs then go for one with an intriguing style.

Has The Right Blend of Colours.

Sometimes an all-white bouquet is all what you need if you’re big on going white on your wedding day and who doesn’t like white, after all they’re so pure and perfect and made up of seven beautiful other. But again, white’s a little too ordinary, and you need a bit of colour to add to the plainness. Just make sure the colours go with the dress and are available for the flowers you want and when you want. And make sure to have a just in case extra24 hour florist Singapore contact.

Goes With The Budget.

Flowers can sure be a delight for your eyes, but they also have another super power. In fact, they can empty your wallets with their manipulating beauty in no time! Wander the streets and browse through websites for a quality florist with great deals. Flowers are expensive so you need to make sure you spend carefully and not waste too much money on them.

Has a Suitable Size.

If you resemble a broomstick and have a petite figure, then opt for one that doesn’t have extremely large petals and overwhelm you but instead are cute enough to go with your cute self. If you’re a bit more built with all them curves clearly showing, consider a lush and full bouquet. Opt for a cascading bouquet if you’re tall so it can spill gracefully down the gown’s skirt and work well with your height.

Gives The Right Message.

A bouquet of yellow Roses might look like the sunshine and brightness you need in your life but they’re also an elaborate definition of friendship in floral style, totally contradicting the purpose and you sure don’t want to be friend zoning your fiancé on your big day right? Also as much as you might prefer black over any other, please I repeat please don’t plan on having black flowers throwing negative vibes like the disregarded clothes you throw when you’re looking for a dress you’ll look presentable in. Roses and Dahlias are tried and true favourites that symbolize love and commitment.

Has a Pinch of Your Personality.

After all it you who is going to be holding the bouquet, not your guests. So make sure you love those babies you’re carrying and it’s also okay to give them a pinch of your personality and personal preference. Remember it’s your day. If it doesn’t scream you then it’s going to be impersonal and boring. So get your hands on a few that will represent your character and of course contribute to making you smile like you’re crazy. But ensure you don’t go overboard, get a bit of advice and be open to the opinions of your florist.